Frequent Asked Questions


  1. How to log in to DealerDirect?
    Dealers can proceed to log in through DealerNet Or through this URL:
  2. Who needs to be contacted if the dealer can’t log in using the new password?
    Front of House
  3. Who needs to be contacted if the system is down?
    Front of House
  4. How to register new users?
    AT the login page, there is a tab “Register”, click on this and it will take you to the online form page, or you can proceed to fill in the user registration form and send it to FOH for user account set up.
  5. How many max of new users can be registered?
    There is no limit to how many users can be registered.
  6. How to change from Bill To Address to a Ship To Address?
    Double click on the Ship To address code at the top right hand corner and it will take you to search company page, where a dropdown list of other stores are present, select which store you want to change to and click on change company.
  7. How do I reset my password?
    To reset your password, simply click on the “forgot password” link on the login screen or click “here” and follow the prompts and answer the questions to reset your password. You will receive an email within minutes with a temporary link to reset your password.


  9. If there is any purchase order made in DealerDirect, is there any notification and who will receive it?
    Every order placed on DealerDirect will generate an order confirmation email and also a request number. This email is sent only to the registered email address of the user who has placed the order in DealerDirect. All orders can be tracked through the “orders” tab in DealerDirect.
  10. What are the differences of the stock status between Green, Yellow and Red colour?
    Green - There are 51 or more stock available
    Yellow - There are 11-50 stock available
    Red - There are 0-10 stock available
    Flag - Constraint stock availability
  11. Who can place order in DealerDirect?
    Dealers that have an active trading account and access to the ordering feature may place an order.
  12. How to review the Purchased history?
    Use the “Orders” tab on the menu bar to view previous orders.


  14. When dealer accept/reject goods received (GR) will it be updated in DealerNet or Inventory?
    When goods are accepted, it will be updated in DealerNet, however if goods are rejected, it will not show in DealerNet but will be showed in DealerDirect.
  15. Will dealer be able to view the list of IMEI/SN before Accept or Reject the shipment via DealerDirect?
    Yes they will be able to view the list of IMEI/SN before they Accept or Reject shipment.


  17. Can dealer print the invoices in Dealer Direct?
    Dealer is only able to print a reprint of the invoice on Dealer Direct.


  19. How can I check my credit limit?
    Only users with access rights can view credit information. Click “Account” tab and the relevant credit details are displayed.
  20. Can anyone see my credit limit?
    Only users with access right can check credit limit.
  21. How to check the overdue payment?
    Check the “Account” tab to view your current credit status. Access to this info will be subjected to the users access permissions.